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Skills & Accomplishments

Jan. 2024 - Present, Collaboration

AI/Artist Collaboration with Jonathan Majburd on LinkedIn and Instagram in support of Israel, to advocate for International Hostage awareness, and combat antisemitism.

July 21-August 20, 2023, Member Group Exhibit

Rehoboth Art League 85th Annual Members' Fine Art Exhibit, Corkran and Tubbs Gallery, 12 Dodds Lane, Rehoboth Beach, DE

July 1, 2023 Regional Group Exhibit

"57th Annual Art Show," Saint Peter's Episcopal Church, St. Peter's Square 211 Mulberry Street, Lewes, DE

August 27-September 30, 2022 National Group Exhibit

"Spaces and Places," Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Silversmith House, Fredricksburg, Va.

Curator, Joseph Di Bella

Juror's Talk

October 2022 to Present- Regional Group Exhibit

Created and curated multiple Free Little Art Gallery Exhibits featured in Fayetteville, AR, Fredricksburg, VA, Chicao, IL, and Lewis, DE.

October 1-28, 2022 Regional Group Exhibit

"Artist's Choice," Fredricksburg Cednter for the Creative Arts, Silversmith House, Fredricksburg, Va.

Curator, Chris Gregson

Juror's Talk

June 26-July 29, 2022 National Group Exhibit, Featured Artist

"Summer Red," Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Silversmith House, Fredricksburg, Va.

Curator, Joey P. Manlapaz

Juror's Talk

July 30-August 26, 2022 Regional Group Exhibit, Placed

"Artist's Choice," Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Silversmith House, Fredricksburg, Va.

Curator, Karen Cohen

Juror's Talk

May 28-June 24, 2022 Regional Group Exhibit, Placed

"Artist's Choice," Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Silversmith House, Fredricksburg, Va.

Curator, Catherine Hillis

Juror's Talk

2021 Virtual Exhibit, Solo

"New Kingdom Series"  Hosted by MyWix Site; "Something Blue" and "Light Discipline."

2020, Virtual Exhibit, Solo

"My Own Worst Enemy Series" Hosted by MyWixSite; "About Goats," "Wise As A Serpent," and "That Fox."

2019, Virtual Exhibit, Solo

"Playlist Series" Hosted by MyWixSite; "Rachel," "Je Suis Pret, " and "Ice on Her Lashes."

2017, Solo Exhibit

Private Home Reception, Charlotte, N.C. area, Commissioned by Bryan Wright. Private collection. Curator, Rachel Bivans

2012, Solo Exhibit

"Rachel Bivans, Selected Works" Hosted by South Knoxville Library, Knoxville, TN. Curator, Rachel Bivans

2011 Group Exhibit, Featured Artist

Hosted Knoxville Area Transit Building, Grand Opening. Knoxville, TN.

November 19 & 20, 2010. Group Exhibit

Terra Madre Ceramics Group. The Lewis Group Architecture Building. Knoxville, TN. Curators Lisa Kurtz, June Crowe

Feb. 19-26, 2010 Solo Exhibit

"A Sleepy Samuel" Hosted at McGee tyson Air National Guard Base road Facility. Commissioned by Mike McClung. Maryville, TN. Curators Rachel Bivans, Dolly Black

2001, Assistant Curator Apprenticeship

Identified a previously unmarked ceramic piece in collection on display, as an Andrew Wyeth. Curator, Annette Sain.

2001 Group Show

White River Art Gallery Exhibiting Artist. Curator Janelle Ashe

Feb. 18-March 25, 2000 Assistant Curator

Assistant Curator and N.C.E.C.A. Attendee. Prairie Fire Ceramics Group Exhibit. Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, CO. Curator, Jeff Johnston

Dec 1-8, 2000. Group Senior Exhibit

"Exhibit 2000" Bolger Art Gallery Branson, MO. Curator, Anne Allman

2000, Curator

Assisted with the Grand Opening of The Veteran's Memorial Museum. Branson, MO.

2000, Senior Exhibit, Joint Project

Japanese Kimono Collection and display, Ralph Foster Museum. Point Lookout, MO. Curators, Janelle Ashe, Polina Popova, Rachel Bivans

2000, Mahota Project Group Exhibit

Fibers Exhibit, Margaret Wheeler Mahota Loom Project. Curator, Jamie Burchette

Further experiences;

Artist's CV: CV

Apprenticeships, Teaching, and Volunteer Experiences

1997-2001 Resident Muralist & Assistant Curator, Apprentice, Ralph Foster Museum Directors, Bob Esworthy and Annette Sain, Janelle Ash

1998-2000 Electric, Raku, Salt, Wood-fired Naborigama and Anagama Kiln experience.

1999-2000 Comic Artist for the Campus Newspaper, Editors Donnie Wells

2002-2017 Lead State, (WV.) and Non-profit Artistic Therapy Lessons (In-Home, Behavioral and Emergency placement)

2010-2011 Taught: Ceramics 101/Intro to Raku Firing Course, Knoxville, TN.

2016-2017 Taught: Drawing Portraits Class, Entry level, Charlotte Area, N.C.

2018-2022 Oragami

2022-2023 Taught: Art 101, virtual, on-line class

2023-2024 Beginning Comics


Institution Collections

Ralph Foster Museum, Branson, MO.

Children’s Discovery Room, Ralph Foster Museum, Branson, MO.

Gaetz Tractor Museum, Branson, MO.

The Outlook College Newspaper, Branson, MO.         

Knoxville Area Transit Building, Knoxville, TN.


College of the Ozarks

Bachelor of Arts -BA, Fine and Studio Arts

Sept 1996-May 2001

Emphasis in Ceramics, Stained glass, and fibers

Ichthus Hoge School

Exchange Student program participant,

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Social Work and Education

Feb. 2001-May 2001

Senior Semester, Extracurricular


Private Collections

Shannon Gray, Artist, Bentonville, AR

Ashley Merritt, Entrepreneur, Fayetteville, AR

Christopher Blackwell, Oklahoma City, OK

Angel Sexton, Springfield, MO.

Angela Fincher, Educator, MO.

Elmer and Connie Curbow, Lt. Col. (Retired) Springfield, MO.

Phil and Audrey Parr, Retired, Nixa, MO.

Donald Parker, Retired, Nixa, MO.

Kelly Wisecup, Professor, Chicago, IL

Kirsten Willemsen, Human Relations, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Wypkje Van der Heide, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Wendy Love, Ceramics Educator, Knoxville, TN.

Glenn and Susan Barlow, Oakridge, TN

Greg and Lisa Lankford, Retired, Knoxville, TN.

Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, USAF, Knoxville, TN.

Joey and Hollis Letterman, Contractor, Knoxville, TN.

Mike and Kelly McClung, Counselors, Maryville, TN.

Dolly Black, Arts Educator, Maryville, TN.

Erica Enyan and Family, Entrepreneur, Ghana, Africa

Lydia Kauffman, Riedenburg, Germany

Mary Bellew, Cooperstown, NY

Bryan and Nicole Wright, Counselors, Albemarle, N.C.

Priscilla and Josephine Rogers, Personal Assistant, Troy, N.C.

Jack and Angie Bender, Points, WV.

Patsy Moreland, Paw Paw, WV.

Vincent Kidwell, Entrepreneur, Berkeley Springs, WV.

Brittany Ullery, Romney, WV.

Daniel and Imari Lattimore, Independent Journalist, Chambersburg, PA.

Cindy Cusimano, Hagerstown, MD.

Carrol Morgan and Cathy Washington Families, Fredricksburg and Stafford, VA

Artist's CV: Text
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